Friday, January 13, 2012

Pagan Pope has been Declared

On January 13 2012 (a Friday), Hobbes declared himself to be the Pagan Pope. Being the Pagan Pope does not grant him any powers or any authority of any kind over anyone or anything. Reports are pouring in from the Pagan community at large, but accepting his legitimate claim to the title seems to be overwhelming.

The Pagan Pope is unsure what he'll do with this blog, but it's better to get a hold of the URL early before other illegitimate pope-posers get any bright ideas.

The Pagan Pope wishes to assure all Pagans worldwide that he is here to serve your needs. He does not wish to be worshiped or adorned in any way, but well-wishes are always welcome. And pie.

The Pagan Pope first declared his ascension to power using Facebook. Go Like the page now! The Pagan Pope decrees it!