Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mytheism has been coined and minted!

I hearby coin the term "Mytheism" and "Mytheist" (I've been using the term for a couple of years now, but there's no harm in being official about it).

Mytheism states that proof of the existence of the Gods is irrelevant: it is the relationship we have with the Gods that is truly real and therefore relevant. This relationship is defined, developed, and described using mythic terms and mythology, which describes the God, it's history, its responsibilities, and its personality.

Although Myth is literally false on its surface, it carries truth in its layers. These are Truths than cannot be fully described and encapsulated using Logic: it is only using culturally understand and relatable mythic terms that you can come to understand and build a relationship with the Gods.

Coined (and copyrighted) in May 2010 (approximately) by John David Hickey

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  1. Quite so! I also agree with a saying that's making the rounds lately: the world would be a much better place if scientists would stop trying to prove whether God does or does not exist, and instead focus on more pressing problems.