Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Some people ask me why I would dare call myself the Pagan Pope, or even that the very idea of a Pagan Pope is ludicrous at best and offensive at worst. Anyone claiming to be Pagan Pope would only do so as a blatant attempt at power. Pagans would never submit themselves to such a hierarchy, so what can a Pagan Pope ever hope to achieve if he can never claim any power over the community?

To this idea, I ask this question: if I, as the Pagan Pope, write an article or make a statement, will you agree/disagree with it because of my self-imposed title, or will you agree/disagree based on your own information, reasoning, and feelings on the matter.

I believe the answer to be the latter and that is why I lay claim to the title. I don't want to be right or wrong, but I'm hoping to make a meaningful contribution to the discussion.

And I've always wanted to be Pope. I can't lie: it's a factor. The hat rawks.

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