Monday, May 30, 2016

Grounding and Centering: The Pool

The last time I did a public ritual, I used this guided meditation to allow the people to ground and center. This is a guided meditation that I composed, wrote, and narrated (below).

It's not the traditional "you are a tree" type of guided meditation, which I'm not a fan of because I've never been a tree, so it's sometimes difficult to visualize (I'm also a little claustrophobic, so the though of being restrained by having my feet become roots freaks me out).

Close your eyes. 

Look at your feet and you will see a small pool of water. The water is still and clear. As you look at it, you clearly see your reflection. As you stare at the pool of water, you will begin to see other faces. The face of a good friend. The face of a loved one. The face of a parent. The face of a friend you have not seen in a long time. The face of a person who annoyed you today. The face of a person who makes you laugh. The face of a person who makes you cry. The face of a person in this space you do not know.

This pool is your mind and it is filled with the thoughts and faces of all the people in your life, the places you've been, the experiences you've had, the stories you share. You put your hand in your pocket and you feel a small stone there. You put it in your hand and at the count of three, let the stone fall into the pool. 1... 2... 3...

Let the ripples carry all those reflections away unti the pool is clear again. Clear your mind of all these images until it is still. Now imagine the pool getting larger... not deeper, but wider. You feel the water wash over your feet. The water is refreshing and comfortable, clean and soothing. Imagine the pool stretching out and touching the feet of everyone in the room. 

Draw some of the energy from the pool up into your being, let it mix with your energy, then let it flow back into the pool. Again. Draw the energy higher into your being until you feel it wash over you, refreshing your spirit, then letting flow back into the pool. Do this one more time until you feel balanced with the energy in the water.

Now send some of this energy out into the pool until it reaches a person in this circle that you know. Send it to a person you do not know. Send it to a friend. Send it to a stranger. And be ready to receive that energy back. 

In this way, we are all connected by our energy and the energy of the water. We are all always connected, but now it is undeniable.

When you have sent out your energy and received the energy and feel balanced, open your eyes.

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